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 Khaidao Engineering (KDE) is a small but very robust company formed by several OEM engineers and project managers working in the oil, gas, and power sectors. This includes all types of gas turbines capital parts, steam turbines capital parts, pumps, compressors, valves, gearboxes, rotors, and consumables. Together we have over 100+ years (of experience) working in the power and industry sectors in the Americas, Europe and Asia. We have assembled a strong network of engineers, technicians, consultants, manufacturers, and trading houses into a seamless platform which allows our customers quick access to a vast supply chain to gain the maximum benefit to your organization. Our ability to locate obsolete, long lead time items are where we bring value to our customers. In some cases, we have re-engineered products allowing our customers to focus on other pressing issues, not shopping for replacement parts. The majority of the time the OEM lead times are excessive or have indicated that the product is obsolete or superseded. 

Basically, (you) take pictures of the equipment’s nameplate data, and several pictures of the equipment itself plus any supporting pictures such as technical pages from equipment manuals using your smart phone. Quickly fill in a few data field and hit send button. That’s it, our engineers will take it from there! Our engineers and suppliers to begin our search. We also offer live chats and if required schedule a group meeting to ensure we are completely aligned with your expectations and requests.

We also allow customers to post their excess inventory or other non-required equipment to be showcased and sold directly on the KDE website. This puts your equipment directly in front of other users that maybe searching for the same items. We also have the capability to conduct large fabrication and assembly projects in one of our three large storage and fabrication buildings. All buildings are equipped with new overhead cranes, operated under stringent safety protocols to ensure maximum safety.  

We have offices located in Asia and America.

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